January 23, 2011

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Brokers for Charity matches property buyers and sellers throughout the US and Canada with qualified real estate professionalsand donates 10% of the commission to the nonprofit of the client’s choice.

Combining real estate transactions with social responsibility, it’s an easy way for individuals and businesses to support their favorite cause without additional cost.

How Brokers for Charity works: When a business or consumer wants buy or sell a property in the US or Canada, they give Brokers for Charity their criteria and they are paired with a qualified broker. When their transaction closes, Brokers for Charity makes the donation to the nonprofit the client choses. The donation is 10% of the referred agent’s commission. For example, on a $400,000 transaction if the agent’s commission were 3%, or $12,000, Brokers for Charity would donate $1,200 to the chosen nonprofit.

As a business or consumer, if you could support your favorite cause when you bought or sold real estate and it wouldn’t cost you a dime, wouldn’t you?

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