Jason Kidd Not Only Wins With The Mavericks, He Wins With The Kids.

Watching the NBA playoffs this week, I was reminded about an article I read a few years back about Jason Kidd.

The article by AZcentral.com was about Jason purchasing a new home in Paradise Valley, Arizona.  Or was it?  I remember having mixed feelings and being a little confused on the purpose after reading it.  And reading it again.

Were they trying to inform me about his new high priced home, the abuse allegations and anger management classes from 7 years prior, his new contract $$ with the Dallas Mavericks, or his management company Boulevard Management and their high profile celebrity clients, including Shaquille O’Neil and Barbara Streisand?  Huh?

So what did I come away with?  Jason Kidd bought a huge, expensive home in Paradise Valley.  Remember Jason? He played for the local Phoenix Suns, maybe beat his wife, makes a lot of money, has a high profile management company, and has played on a few other basketball teams.  Oh, and he didn’t want to comment on this article when we contacted him. Really?  I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to comment on all of that.  Shocker!

Let me be perfectly clear.  I DO NOT support or condone abuse of any kind and we partner with nonprofit organizations that help and empower survivors of domestic violence.  I do not know Jason or what happened in his marriage 10 years ago, but this is what I do know.

Jason Kidd started The Jason Kidd Foundation in 1996.  They provide homeless and underprivileged kids with tools they need to succeed through mentoring, tutoring, and technology programs.  Some of the organizations they support are Northern Light School, Vogel Alcove, and Kipp Truth Academy.  For every assist that he gives in the regular and post-season, he donates $100 to the Jason Kidd Foundation.  Jason received the NBA Cares Community Assist Award during his 2009-2010 season with the Dallas Mavericks for his charitable and philanthropic efforts in the community.

Jason, next time you’re looking to buy or sell property, call us.  The press may focus less on the crystal chandeliers, money you make, and past abuse allegations and more on the thousands of commission dollars going to The Jason Kidd Foundation and the causes you support.  Kudos to you, Jason on your philanthropy.

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